About Us

The Gamble Family January 2011 – Leeanna’s 100th Day Celebration

We began this blog to share with family and friends our photo adventures, family recipes and all the awesome events occurring in our lives as the Gamble Family.

We are a family born and raised in Washington. We stay pretty busy raising our daughters Serissa and Leeanna. We enjoy cooking/barbecuing, hiking, music/art, photography, animals, computer media and spending time with family and friends. Not to mention, we love living in Washington where we can enjoy mother nature in it’s finest.

Tori (5 months pregnant with Serissa) and Dale Above Lake Diablo
Snowshoeing-Dale, Tori and Dale’s Dad Brian
The Gamble Family-Winter 2009
Tea Party Time-Tori & Serissa
Tori (41 weeks pregnant with Leeanna) at The Farm at Swan’s Trail
Daddy Dale and Leeanna Jubilee at 4 days old.
Daddy Dale and Leeanna Jubilee at 4 days old.

Hope you enjoy our blog!

Lots of Love,
The Gamble’s


1 thought on “About Us”

  1. Wow this so cool…how u guyz keep up with all the photo editing, websites, baby raising and working blows my mind!!! Keep me posted if u decide to start selling arts n crafts online too…think I’ll go back to Maui and get my creative craft on and make some cool Island stuff while I make my own lil babette 😉 Love 2 All~

    Lil Sista Stacey =)

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