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The First Sun by Khalid Al Mikdadi

This is our new camel recently given to us by Dale’s sister Mechelle. She currently lives in Dubai where these camels are displayed. Please see the Dubai’s Camel Caravan for more information on the Camel Herd.

Artist : Khalid Al Mikdadi
Sponsor : ArtWorks
Proceeds to defray the cost of this public art & amp ; charity project

Artists Notes:
“The First Sun” is the light for the first civilization that gave the world the knowledge of how to live as a civilized people and the ability to develop and lead our world to the best.

This sun was in Iraq, my country, and my work is a mix between the history and the heritage of Iraq by using some samples of the ancient civilizations of Iraq and some handmade carpet motifs.

About The Camel Caravan

Inspired by the success of public art celebrations across Europe, America and Australia, Dubai launched Camel Caravan with the camel as the event symbol. Artists in the U.A.E. painted and embellished camel sculptures into unique works of art which have been showcased in a multitude of high profile locations. The project culminated in a public art auction with the proceeds going to children’s charities and for the development of art and culture in Dubai.

Under the patronage of the Rotary Club of Dubai, the project has the full support of the Dubai Government, community leaders, educators and dozens of leading local and international businesses. The spirit of the event is to merge art and commerce while benefiting charity and the community. Camel Caravan reinforces Dubai’s commitment to nurture the arts and culture and create entertaining events for visitors and residents.

Camel Caravan was publicly launched in June 2003 and the first order of the day was to introduce the project to potential artists who are invited to submit designs to decorate the camels. Painters, sculptors, architects, graphic artists, art students were invited to join in a unique public art campaign and fund raising project.

The camels made their first public appearance in a Camel Barn in Creekside Park, beginning in October 2003. The Camel Barn doubled as a community center and as the central location where the camels were painted.

Starting in January 2004, the hand painted camels grazed all over Dubai in highly visible locations where pedestrians and motorists enjoyed them as they went about their daily routines. Contests and special events punctuated the event and the web site along with the Dubai press and media kept the public informed of Camel Caravan events and happenings. Dubai’s Camel Caravan was playful art and serious fun for the whole community!

The Entire Miniature Camel Herd