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With the local farmers markets closing up for the season, we recently started using Spud! (Small Potatoes Urban Delivery) delivery service for all our organic produce.

SPUD has two ways you can purchase organic produce:

You can select individual items from the organic produce category for each delivery, or you can create your own Fresh Harvest Box.

Our Spud! Delivery

Our Spud! Delivery - Fresh Harvest Box

SPUD’s Fresh Harvest Box is a variety of delicious organic fruits and vegetables that are tailored by you to your unique preferences. You can still make as many substitutions, additions or deletions to your Fresh Harvest Box as you like before the deadline. The price is adjusted accordingly. (Note: it is just fine if you do not wish to have produce in your order, as you are not required to. You can enter an order for any number of items of whatever type you wish.)

Spud! Produce

Spud! Produce

SPUD makes healthy eating easy with a complete selection of natural foods, including milk, bread, pasta and ready-made meals.

Serissa playing with the Spud! Box

Serissa playing with the Spud! Box

If you are interested in starting Spud! Delivery here’s a $25 off discount code towards your first deliveries: CRSEA-GAMDAL