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Round balloon flowers
The round balloon flower is made with small round balloons tied together around a center balloon of a different color. Tricks to know: don’t inflate the balloons all the way so you have longer ends after the knot to work with for tying them together.

Make the center balloon smaller than the balloons for the petals.
Tie the inflated balloons for the petals together in one group of two and another of three.
Tie the five balloons together.
For the center of the flower, make a pair of smaller balloons in a different color from the petals. Tie the pair together.
Insert the pair into the center of the bunch so that the other five balloons surround the pair of center balloons on either side. That way, from any side, it still looks like a flower.
Tie the balloon flower with clear fishing line, first running it between the petals in turn to help hold them all together.