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Gripe Water: How to Make it at Home

Why Make Gripe Water at Home?
Most commercially available gripe water formulations contain sodium bicarbonate, alcohol, preservatives or other inorganic components all of which are not recommended for children under 12. There’s no reason to worry though. If you know how to make gripe water at home, you can treat your child to fresh gripe water which is free from harmful ingredients at all times. Since gripe water is not easily available in stores in the US (it is mostly purchased over the internet which can take a couple of days to deliver), it makes a lot of sense to have gripe water recipes tacked to your kitchen shelf.

What is Gripe Water?
Gripe water is an infusion of natural extracts from herbs such as fennel, chamomile, dill and ginger. These ingredients are known to soothe the gastric system and provide relief from wind, acid reflux, hiccups and indigestion. Gripe water first originated in Europe and is now used by parents worldwide to relax and comfort their babies. Since the concoction is all-natural, it is safe enough to be given to newborns. Always consult your Pediatrician before giving something new to your infant.

How to Make Gripe Water at Home
Crush a teaspoon of fennel seeds in a pestle and mortal or place them in a plastic bag and pound them with a hammer.
Boil two pints of water.
Add the crushed fennel along with a teaspoon of dill seeds and simmer for fifteen to twenty minutes or until the water reduces to half its original quantity.
Strain the mixture and allow the liquid to cool down to room-temperature.
Administer the required dose through a spoon or a dropper when required.
Don’t store the infusion for more than a day as it may get contaminated. Prepare a fresh stock in small quantities every time your infant needs it.

The above recipe is a basic one. You may add a small piece of ginger or herbs like chamomile and peppermint if you wish to. Gripe water should not be refrigerated as it is most effective when given at room temperature.