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Natural Teething Home Remedies: 10 Most Popular Recommendations

10. Plush Chew Toys

9. Your Finger, Ever Handy-Dandy

8. Cold Fruit or Vegetables
Knotted handkerchief or a muslin or cheesecloth sack with frozen bananas, mangos, or other frozen fruit to help soothe painful gums. Many health food stores sell re-usable tea bags in undyed cotton or eco-friendly hemp that are ideal for the purpose and food safe. Be sure that the tie strings are cut shorter than 9″ as longer strings can represent a hazard for babies.
Large refrigerated or frozen pieces of carrot or celery, cut too large to place entirely in the mouth. (Cold carrots are a fave of my eight-month old now, as well as carrots straight out of the garden and just washed!)
Celery actually has numbing properties that help lessen the pain of teething.

WARNING: Infants chew on objects to aid in the teething process. This can be dangerous if the baby is allowed to chew on objects which are small enough to be swallowed or which could break while being chewed and cause choking.

7. Wooden Teething Toys and Rings
Wooden teething toys are of course a generations-old solution to teething pain.
My personal experience with wooden toys for teething is that a baby’s preferences are truly dependent on age and stage of development. When shopping for teething toys, keep in mind the size of the object, as we’ve found some teething rings too large to be comfortable at a younger age. For younger babies, weight is also an issue.
And don’t forget the ubiquitous alternative to the wooden teething ring: the wooden cooking spoon. Nearly every kitchen has them, and they’re food safe!

6. Single Dose Chamomilla Homeopathic Remedy

5. Clove-Oil for Painful Gums
Clove oil is a possibility too and it works very well but you must be very careful with it as it can cause blistering of the gum if used in excess. It should be diluted in a carrier oil – 1 drop of clove oil in 1-2 tablespoons of almond oil or another edible oil – and gently massaged into the gum.
Always test on yourself first and remember that you’re treating a baby! If it seems strong to you, it will be very strong for your lil’ loved one!

4. Amber Teething Necklaces
Moms vary in their assessment of the effectiveness of amber teething necklaces to comfort their babies when teething, but all seemed to agree on one point — they’re beautiful, so what the heck!

3. Ice Cube and Slushy Remedies
Chose either plain water, breast milk, or diluted chamomile tea, frozen in cubes. Methods for preparation vary:

• Ice cubes placed in a handkerchief, washcloth, cheesecloth, or a feeder. For younger children, some moms crush the ice cubes first. When using a cloth, some moms simply knotted it around the cube, some secured it with a cloth hair-band. As mentioned above, re-usable tea bags in undyed cotton or eco-friendly hemp are also an option. As you experiment, try wetting the cloth, or wetting just the center, before you set the ice cube inside.

• Ice cubes prepared as a slushy.

• Ice cubes scraped with a spoon and fed to baby.

• Favorite drink frozen in a popsicle mold.

Once your baby is comfortable with solids, another idea is actually placing cubed baby food in the feeder or cloth, if you prepare your food with the ice cube method.

2. Cold, Frozen Washcloths
The most frugal of possibilities — is the simple washcloth teething remedy. Freeze washcloths, or just get them cold but the concept is the same: wet, wring out, and place in the freezer. Similar to the ice cube remedy, above, some moms choose to dip the washcloth in chamomile tea before freezing.

Try out different degrees of coldness for your baby. If she doesn’t seem to enjoy the sensation, you can also try a damp or dry washcloth or hankie with knots tied in it; some babies enjoy the hardness of the knots. Finally, experiment with different textures and thicknesses.

1. Hyland’s Teething Tablets or Boiron Camilia
Both the Hyland’s and the Boiron brands are multi-dose homeopathic remedies. The concept here is that though not all babies have the same symptoms, most babies will respond to one of the ingredients included in the multi-dose treatments. You could achieve the same effect by testing various single-dose remedies on your child until you find the one that works best. No baby needs all of the ingredients at once; they’re just included for convenience to cover the most likely candidates for a large number of babies’ symptoms.

Bear in mind that Boiron Camilia is a liquid and a vegan solution, but Hylands is not, due to its inclusion of lactose in the tablet formulation. Also, be aware that parabens are listed among the ingredients of the Hyland’s teething gel, but not the teething tabs. Parabens have been potentially linked (although inconclusively) to cancer, so if you’re the cautious type you might prefer the Hyland’s tablets.

Other Ways to Ease Teething Pain

Some other ideas are placing a pacifier in the freezer, which works for babies who don’t use pacifiers for their intended purpose but instead chew on them as a teether.

Also, if you’re a nursing mom, try chamomile tea or Rescue Remedy yourself, and beef up on Vitamin C which is purported to help.

If you’re in the same boat as we are, and are seeking a solution to your baby’s teething problems, hopefully this list will give you an arsenal of options to help ease their woes.

Good luck to you and your lil one in finding the remedy that fits best!